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Where to Book Appointments:


We generally see patients in Squamish on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and Whistler on Fridays and Saturdays. To book an appointment, please call or email the clinics directly using the information listed below. For inquiries not related to booking appointments, please email Jen:


Information on how to get the most out of your 1st appointment can be found at the bottom of this page.


Eagleview 604-815-6808

Appointments for Dr. Lane can be made at Eagleview Veterinary Hosptial by calling 604-815-6808.

Located: #101, 38147 Cleveland Ave, Squamish, BC, Box 157, V8B 0A2

Coast Mountain Veterinary Services 604-932-5391

Appointments for Dr. Lane can be made at Coast Mountain Veterinary Hospital by calling 604-932-5391.

203-2011 Innsbruck Dr., Whistler, BC, Canada V0N 1B2.

OUT OF TOWN VISITORS – consider turning your pet’s appointment into a mini-holiday by taking advantage of all that Whistler has to offer while your pet is receiving care? Below is a list of pet friendly hotels. Go to We can also board your pet for the day while you ski (or play golf, mountain bike etc.).


Appointment Format

Initial appointments are approximately one hour in length and include a neuromusculoskeletal examination, combined acupuncture and manual therapy, rehabilitation therapy techniques as indicated. Depending on the findings of this exam, further diagnostic tests or treatments may be recommended.

How many appointments will we need?

Recent minor muscle strains and/or chiropractic issues can be fixed with just one appointment, but most conditions need at least two sessions in order to assess how well the treatment is working. Recheck appointments are generally a half hour in length and include the same components as the initial exam, but with greater focus on the “trouble areas”.

What should I do before my appointment?

If your pet’s lameness is intermittent, then please try to provoke it before the examination (e.g. if exercise followed by rest flares the limp, go out for a big run, then allow your pet to have a nap just before the appointment). The more obvious the lameness is at the time of the examination, the more information can be learned from the exam itself, which potentially reduces the need for other diagnostic tests.

Please wear appropriate footwear for your appointment

Depending on your pet’s condition, you may be asked to jog them on leash, so please wear appropriate footwear.

Do I need to fill anything out?

Before your pet’s initial assessment, you will be asked to fill out questionnaire about your pet’s condition. If you wish to fill it out at home in advance of your appointment, you can fill out our Pet  History Exam Form. If you wish to fill it out at the time of your appointment, please come ten minutes early in order leave enough time to complete the paperwork.

I have other questions…

If you have other questions, you can email Dr. Lane’s assistant Jen at  She won’t be able to book an appointment (you need to call the receptionist at whichever hospital you wish to visit in order to do that), but she will be able to help you with almost everything else.