Team Canada – World Agility Open 2013

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WAO dogs watching handlers walk course

 Canada Excels at the World Agility Open in Spain

Dr. Lane is very proud to have been part of the crew supporting the Canadian national agility team as they competed in the World Agility Open.  He travelled with them to Oviedo Spain in order to resolve any musculoskeletal issues that might prevent the dogs from performing at their best.

27 countries competed, and Team Canada took them by storm, capturing 6 out of the 13 gold medals available to be won.  Well done TEAM CANADA!

If you want to learn more about the dogs and handlers that did Canada proud, please see the posted pictures below.

Bullitt & Stephan

Bullitt Mark platform WAO Bullitt leaping WAO Bullitt pretty clearly loved his job and was always eager to start the next race.

Chill &Tiffany

Chill Tiffany dancing better WAOChill leaping 2 WAO

Chill and Tiffany worked very well together, with Chill doing most of the talking.  Most of Chill’s photos were captured mid-bark.

Dice & Jessica

Dice Jessica teeterDice landing

Dice and Jessica moved together like a pair of dancers.  It was amazing to watch how well they communicated.

Favor & Lynda

Favor Linda dancing WAO

Favor Leaping

 Favor is a 7 year old powerhouse packed into a tiny frame.  That dog could move.

Feature & Susan

Feature Susan running WAO

Feature ring WAO

Feature and Sue are both seasoned experts at international competition.  Feature was one of Canada’s gold medal winners.

Funkee Monkee & Kayl

Funkee Kayl extended leap WAOFunkee leaping WAO

Funkee Monkee and Kayl won more gold medals than any other dog/handler team at Worlds!  Both fast and powerful, Funkee made it look easy.

Fynn & Mark

Fynn Mark dancing 2 WAOFynn leaping WAO

Fynn was one of Canada’s tallest competitors and the only Malinois.  He takes his job pretty seriously.

Jazz & Ann

Jazz Ann leaping 2 WAOJazz jumping better WAO

At times, Jazz just seemed to levitate over the jumps.  For such a little dog, Jazz caught some major air.

Ketcher & Anji

Ketcher Anji A frame WAOKetcher platform WAO

Ketcher was one of only a few golden retrievers to compete at Worlds, serving as a role model to all those couch potato goldens who were watching the games at home. 

Ninja & Nicki

Ninja handler platform WAONinja leaping WAO_edited-1

Ninja and Nicki  hail from BC.  At 8 years of age, Ninja shows no signs of slowing.

Recess & Kim

Recess Kim leaping WAORecess Leaping 3 WAO

Recess and Kim have won medals together every time they’ve competed at Worlds.  After this year’s bronze winning performance though, Recess is retiring.

Rush & Rebecca

Rush Rebecca dancingRush leaping WAORush was always watching every move Rebecca made, already sizing up the next obstacle even before landing the last.

Slyce & Kayl

Slyce Kayl dancingSlyce  weaves WAO

Slyce and Kayl also earned a gold medal.  At age 11, Slyce did a good job of showing the young pups how it should be done.

Trix & Jessica

Trix Jessica leaping WAO

Trix leaping WAOTrix and Jessica were the youngest pair competing for Canada.  It was their first time at Worlds and undoubtedly not their last.

Tylt & Teri

Tylt Teri landing jump WAO

Tylt Teri running WAO

 Tylt and Teri took home another of Canada’s gold medals

Vegas & Barb

Vegas Barb weaves WAO

Vegas ring WAO

 Don’t be deceived by Vegas’ fluffy cuteness.  Beneath that long haircoat lies a well muscled athletic machine.

Wynd & Meaghan

Wynd and handler dancing WAO

Wynd gallop WAO

 This was Wynd’s first major competition since having a litter of puppies last winter.  In a pre-race interview, Wynd said that she hoped her performance would serve as inspiration for mothers everywhere.