About Dr. David Lane


Doctor David Lane, DVM

Dr. David Lane graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 1992 and immediately moved to Whistler B.C. to begin practise. With such an athletic patient population, he was given plenty of opportunity to pursue his interest in orthopaedic surgery.

Over time, he realized that a large number of his orthopaedic patients had concurrent back pain, and that his traditional veterinary education had left him ill equipped to do anything besides prescribe drugs for the problem, so he pursued additional education in veterinary chiropractic medicine.

Although he originally intended to use his chiropractic skills as a way to enhance the post-operative recovery of his surgical cases, it proved to be such a useful therapy that it became a large part of his practice and eventually led to his seeking further education in the fields of acupuncture, rehabilitation and sports medicine.

Most recently, Dr Lane earned specialist status in the field of Canine Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Therapy, one of only five veterinarians in Canada to have earned this distinction.

Dr. Lane performs consultations and surgery at multiple veterinary hospitals between Whistler and Vancouver. For appointment formats and to view the clinics at which Dr. Lane practises, please go to our contact page >>

Post-Doctoral Education Programs

Aside from attending many shorter education programs and conferences on a number of topics, especially those relating to orthopaedic surgery, Dr. Lane has completed the following programs:

  • Canadian Animal Chiropractic Certification program – an American Veterinary Chiropractic Association recognized program at the Veterinary Chiropractic Learning Center (220 hours)
  • International Veterinary Acupuncture Society basic course in veterinary acupuncture (220 hours)
  • Canine Rehabilitation Therapist program at the Canine Rehabilitation Institute, associated with Colorado State University’s Veterinary College (185 hours)

To contact Dr. Lane:

Whistler 604-932-5391:
Coast Mountain Veterinary Hospital

Squamish  604-815-6808:
Eagleview Veterinary Hosptial



Dr. Lane is a member of the following professional organizations:

  • Veterinary Orthopaedic society
  • International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management
  • American Canine Sports Medicine Association
  • International Veterinary Acupuncture Society



Chapter #9 Malalignment Syndrome – Dr. Lane co-authored this chapter for human sports medicine physicians. In it, he provided an overview on equine chiropractic lesions and how they affect equestrians.

  • Veterinary Chiropractic Medicine – West Coast Veterinarian, No 10, March 2013
  • Equine Chiropractic, Pacific & Prairie Horse Journal, Vol XVII, No. 8, 2008
  • Prepucial prolapse in an Alpaca – Canadian Veterinary Journal, Vol 40, No4, 1999
  • Can I Catch Something From My Pet, Family Health Magazine, Volume 14, No.2, 1998, reprinted Volume 28, No. 3, 2012



Dr. Lane enjoys a number of sports including downhill skiing and ski touring, white water kayaking, and mountain biking. He is also passionate about farming, and the need for society to move away from intensive factory farming, back toward permaculture on smaller farms that treat animals humanely. He lives with his wife Lauren Fraser, a certified horse behaviour consultant, at goodhorsemanship.ca. They also raise free range pigs and laying chickens. For more information on David and Lauren’s farm, click here.

David and Lauren share their house with four dogs and a cat, but the eight horses are not allowed inside.





……just as active as the dogs he treats.


While still in university, Dr. Lane helped organize a 600km, month long canoe expedition to the Arctic Ocean with the intent to raise awareness about environmentally sustainable camping practises. From that trip, he has written a number of articles.


  • Walking Softly, Earthkeeper Magazine, Vol 1, No 3, 1991
  • Wilderness Shopping: Removing the Landscape, Explore Magazine issue 50, Spring 1991
  • Minimum Impact Camping Techniques, Explore Magazine issue 57, Oct/Nov 1992